Moonstone Gerbils


Upcoming Events:
AGS New England Gerbil Show
May 2014.

South East PA UMC Show
June 2014.

South Central FMBA Show
September 2014.

Adoption Hours
by Appointment

Monday - Friday 4:30-8:00pm
Saturday/Sunday Anytime  

Please contact me to schedule an appointment.
Why do some gerbils cost more than others?

We rate our gerbils as pet quality or show/breeder quality. Any gerbil listed for adoption may be adopted as pets.

Pet Quality: Most of our gerbils are considered Pet Quality. Pet Quality means that the gerbils does not conform to the AGS Standards. These gerbils are meant to be pets only and should not be bred. Pet quality gerbils are $15 each, or $30 for a pair.

Show/Breeder Quality: Show or Breeder Quality means that the gerbil does conform to the AGS Standards and potentially may earn ribbons at a gerbil show, or may contribute to a breeding program. This doesn’t guarantee that they will earn ribbons. Pricing of each gerbil will vary dependant on age, gender, body type, and previous show history including their parents show history. These gerbils come with a full pedigree and a standard birth certificate