Moonstone Gerbils


Upcoming Events:
AGS New England Gerbil Show
May 2014.

South East PA UMC Show
June 2014.

South Central FMBA Show
September 2014.

Adoption Hours
by Appointment

Monday - Friday 4:30-8:00pm
Saturday/Sunday Anytime  

Please contact me to schedule an appointment.
Adoption Policy


  • Complete an Adoption Contract.
  • Provide verification of home ownership or landlord’s consent.


  • If you are unable to pick up your gerbil(s) within one week you may place a non-refunadable deposit to hold them until an arranged date. After that date the gerbils will be placed up for adoption.

Adoption Contract

  • Moonstone Gerbils does not warrant the health or behavior of these gerbils. Katie Johnson and MSG assume no liability for the animals, nor for any harm or damage they may cause. By adopting these gerbils, the adopter accepts all responsibility.
  • By applying to adopt these gerbils, I commit to their lifetime care, which I understand may be four years or more. If for any reason I can no longer keep these gerbils, provide for their needs, or provide a new gerbil companion for a bereaved gerbil, I agree to relinquish them to Moonstone Gerbils. I agree to provide them with adequate food, water, housing, attention, and veterinary care as needed.

Health Policy

During the first two weeks if the mouse(mice) need veternary care due to illness they must be returned to me, or taken directly to Dr. Joseph Pocher at Natick Animal Clinin in Natick, MA or another approved vet to be treated.

Return Policy

  • During the first two weeks after adopting your mouse(mice) you may return them for any reason for a full refund.
  • After two weeks you may return the mice for any reason without a refund. We encourage you to donate their cage and supplies as this will make finding them a new home easier.