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May 2014.

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June 2014.

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September 2014.

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Gerbils are built to dig tunnels underground. This is one of the most natural behaviors. It is important to provide a way for them to dig tunnels and burrows in their cage. The best cage for a gerbil to live in is an aquarium with 6-12" or more of bedding for the gerbils to tunnel in. Tall aquariums are better for providing a deep layer of bedding for them to dig in. Mixing different types of beddings can help the tunnels maintain shape.

Avoid housing gerbils in plastic cages. Plastic is not durable and gerbils can chew out of plastic cages.

Avoid housing gerbils in wire cages with plastic or metal trays(cage toppers for aquariums are okay). These trays only allow for 1-2" of bedding which is not enough bedding to tunnel in. Gerbils will still try to dig and will end up pushing much of their bedding out of the cage.