Moonstone Gerbils


Upcoming Events:
AGS New England Gerbil Show
May 2014.

South East PA UMC Show
June 2014.

South Central FMBA Show
September 2014.

Adoption Hours
by Appointment

Monday - Friday 4:30-8:00pm
Saturday/Sunday Anytime  

Please contact me to schedule an appointment.

Gerbils love to socialize, and do best in pairs or trios. They enjoy spending time exploring. They play, chase, dig holes, chew boxes up, and tear paper for fun. During the day they are  active but settle down for bed soon after lights out. They can even be trained to jump into your hand.



Farm Street Vet I strongly recommend Dr. Joseph Pocher, DVM.

Farm Street Vet

57 Farm Street
Medfield, Massachusetts 02052

Phone 508.242.5430