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Gerbil Health

Gerbils are fairly healhy critters that rarely need medical attention. If your gerbil is sick, cold, listless, clicking, injured or distrressed you should find a vet in your area that sees exotic pets.

I strongly recommend Dr. Joseph Pocher, DVM. He works at the Natick Animal Clinic.

Common signs of disease

Coat is fluffed up or puffy. Gerbil may be hunched with eyes pinched shut. Gerbil is cool to the touch. Gerbil wobbles or stumbles while walking. Gerbil makes clicking sound while breathing.

Common Health Problems in Senior Gerbils

Scent Gland Tumor

Pink growth on scent gland, may be smooth or look like a paplioma. These can be removed by surgery. If left alone they will continue to grow. The gerbil may chew on them or they may rupture. Once they are open they tend to have great difficulty healing and usually become infected. More common in older gerbils.

Malaclusion or chipped Teeth

Older gerbils are prone to damaged teeth. They may lose the protective yellow enamel on their teeth which will cause the teeth to wear faster. The teeth may also begin to grow crooked and become overgrown. Occasionally a gerbil may break of chip a tooth. A vet can clip the teeth to keep them even.

Gerbils will often lose weight rapidly if their teeth are damaged.