Moonstone Gerbils


Upcoming Events:
AGS New England Gerbil Show
May 2014.

South East PA UMC Show
June 2014.

South Central FMBA Show
September 2014.

Adoption Hours
by Appointment

Monday - Friday 4:30-8:00pm
Saturday/Sunday Anytime  

Please contact me to schedule an appointment.
Gerbil Shows

Gerbil Shows are fun, competive events where gerbils are judged for their confirmation, color, and temperment. The American Gerbil Society hosts three shows and a virtual show each year around the country. Breeders and Exhbitors travel from around the country to participate in each show.

Which Gerbils May Participate

To be eligible to compete, a gerbil must:

· be individually registered with the American Gerbil Society and at least 6 weeks old

· be quarantined one month prior to show and follow all other health regulations for the show

· Should meet the written standard for its class


All gerbils are welcome to the show, regardless if they were purchased at a pet store, rescues from a shelter, or from a obtained from a breeder.

There are other fun competitions to enter such as "hamball races", chewing compeitions and agilitity courses.